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Guangxi Baise Gymnasium-HMAUDIO Professional Customized Audio Solutions


Guangxi Baise Gymnasium-HMAUDIO Professional Customized Audio Solutions

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Guangxi Baise Lingyun Gymnasium enjoys a good geographical location at the Hongxin District of Chennan Town. The Gymnasium is the first one in Lingyun County, which provides a whole new platform and brings new energy to Lingyun County’s public sports undertakings. It also provides good environment for the public sports exercise and competitive sports development, and contributes to improving people’s living quality, living environment and investment environment. Moreover, it also contributes greatly to economy construction, social development and social harmony.

Guangxi Baise Gymnasium-HMAUDIO Professional Customized Audio Solutions

Project Background


Guangxi Baise Lingyun Gymnasium enjoys a good geographical location at the Hongxin District of Chennan Town. The Gymnasium is the first one in Lingyun County, which provides a whole new platform and brings new energy to Lingyun County’s public sports undertakings. It also provides good environment for the public sports exercise and competitive sports development, and contributes to improving people’s living quality, living environment and investment environment. Moreover, it also contributes greatly to economy construction, social development and social harmony.


The officerspaid great attention to the sound effect of the Gymnasium, thus were very cautious in selecting audio equipment. They finally chose HMAUDIO as the project contractor, considering HMAUDIO has already maintained good reputation and profound experience in the sound effect design for multi-function halls of police stations and hospitals, as well as HMAUDIO’s extensive practical experience and strength in the area of DSP audio R&D and reliable product quality.


Project Requirements

This project main task was to build a multi-function hall for the gymnasium. Our customer required the conference system should be natural and clear in sound effect, while the system should be stable, functioned perfectly and operated efficiently. Since the multi-function hall is not only used for large conferences, but also used for small size performance, thus except for the regular meeting sound amplification, the system should also contains adequate sound pressure level, as well as structured and coherent sound affect. It should also possesses full-time working capability to satisfy daily sound amplification with clear sound effect.


Project Design


Gymnasium Multi-function Hall 

Audio Equipment Features


F100 Digital feedback Exterminator

▼ 12 auto notch with auto or manual fixing is each channel. 1HZpixel,frequency20-20KHz.
▼ 24bit digital distinguishing resolution.
▼ Response time: fast, middle and low. Two levels Q in notch.
▼Feedback, auto save ,noise gate and compressor are for it.
▼ Hi-pass and Lo-pass setting.
▼Gain range: -80dB to +0dB.
▼±16Hz frequency shift control, good feedback effect.


Conference room,multi-function hall,multimedia classroom,medium and small banquet hall


DAP4080II Professional Audio Processor

▼ 4th ADI SHARC DSP chip, 400MHZ main frequency, 32 bit floating, 96KHz sampling frequency, 24 bit A/D or D/A converter, high S/N.
▼ USB, RS232, RS485 interface are housed, PC software control.
▼ RS485 most connects 250 machines, long distance control beyonds 1500 miles.
▼ RS232 supports outside central control for many scene.
▼ 12 groups user data are available.
▼ Panel lock function.
▼ 31 bands GEQ and 10 bands PEQ, gain and delay are for each input channel.
▼ 10 bands PEQ, HPF, LPF, gain, delay, limiter and mute are for output channels.
▼HPF/LPF: Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel/Butterworth(12dB/oct18dB/oct24dB/oct48dB/oct ).
▼ Several channels can be set meanwhile, max delay: 1000ms(MS/M/FT). 



Performance,Bar,Opera House, KTV rooms, multi-function hall

Customer Feedback & Comments

The overall design is perfect, which fully considered actual situation of the site. The installation skills are very professional. The overall wiring design are simple and clear, which greatly saved construction cost. System interface are friendly and intuitive, multi-function while operation are convenient, simple, highly efficient,stable and reliable.     


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