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The Opening Ceremony of Jiujiang HMAUDIO Industrial Park

2020/01/02 11:09
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On the morning of December 19, 2019, the grand opening ceremony of HMAUDIOIndustrial Park was held in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi Province.In the ceremony, the HMAUDIO building is decorated with red bannersfor celebration.Since the foundation was laid on December 29, 2017, the first phase of HMAUDIOIndustrial Park has been successfully completed after two years of construction.HMAUDIO Chairman Mr.Tang Xiaoming, deputy secretary of ChaisangDistrict Committeeand several managers of HMAUDIOGroup attended today's opening ceremony. The construction of the HMAUDIOIndustrial Parkis of profound historical significance, and is of great significance to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of HMAUDIO Group.

The Opening Ceremony of Jiujiang HMAUDIO Industrial Park



On the morning of December 19, 2019, the grand opening ceremony of HMAUDIOIndustrial Park was held in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi Province.In the ceremony, the HMAUDIO building is decorated with red bannersfor celebration.Since the foundation was laid on December 29, 2017, the first phase of HMAUDIOIndustrial Park has been successfully completed after two years of construction.HMAUDIO Chairman Mr.Tang Xiaoming, deputy secretary of ChaisangDistrict Committeeand several managers of HMAUDIOGroup attended today's opening ceremony. The construction of the HMAUDIOIndustrial Parkis of profound historical significance, and is of great significance to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of HMAUDIO Group.



It is the starting point for HMAUDIO Group to embark on a new journey. At present, HMAUDIOIndustrial Park has finally been officially put into operation, ushering in stage development achievements. In the future, we should continue to encourage the spirit of unity,cooperation and hardworking.To give government confidence, to make the employees satisfied, and earn society recognition.

In the official ribbon-cutting of the opening ceremony, the atmosphere is solemn, cheerful and lively.



      “HMAUDIOIndustrial Park”in Jiangxi Jiujiang is the production base invested by HMAUDIO Group, located in the core industrial zone of Chaisang district Shacheng Industrial Park, at the foot of Lushan Mountain, close to the shore of the Yangtze riverwith beautiful scenery. The transportation is convenient due to the nearby railway, highway, waterway, which is an obvious regional core advantage. HMAUDIO industrial park covers an area of 20000, and the designed total construction area of 33000.The annual capacity is expected to be 500,000 pieces of audio equipment.



        HMAUDIOIndustrial Parkmeets the needs of various product lines,increases efficiency and cost effective purpose.It will be built into a strong production support base,and become the core market competitiveness in future.

The are three advantages.First, it is located in the middle of east China, and the traffic is very convenient.Second, with government support, a large number of talented people returned home to find jobs,which solves the problem of "employment difficulties". Third, expanding export, production and business scale, and strengthen cooperation with other brands.


        Mr. Tang Xiaoming, chairman of HMAUDIO, said that with the investment of the new industrial park, HMAUDIO greatly unleashed its own capacity and growth scale.At the same time in the manufacturing scale, mobility and labor costs, cost of enterprises to develop their venues problem basically solved, in the few years, huiming positive did a lot of preparation to adapt to the current new situation, because the scale of production to expand in the future, to develop more new products, will also be imported into the market constantly.


HMAUDIO is also grateful for the continuous support from partners and staff. Together we will develop bright future through cooperation and hard working. 


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