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(Out of production) K3000 Digital  Professional Karaoke Processor


Digital Karaoke processor with stylish design and high performance;

iPad / iPhone could get the access through WiFi;

Professional 200MHz main frequency, 48KHz sampling frequency, 24 bit A/D and D/A converter, 32 bit processor;

6 balanced output channels;

HPF and LPF are for MIC channels, 13 bands PEQ is for MIC and music;

5 bands PEQ, crossover, polarity, delay, limiter and gain are for all output channels;

10 groups of preset and 10 groups of user setting;

Singing and hot-dancing mode can be switched automatically;

Panel lock function to avoid any misoperation.



KTV, Conference room, Household Karaoke, Live show

Technical Parameter




Output channel

Main Left, Main Right, Center, SUB, SURR Left, SURR Right


MIC                      75dB                      1KHz 0dB

Music                     95dB                       Input


MIC / Music               0.1%/0.01%                 1KHz 0dB Input

Max Input Level

MIC                      200mV                     1KHz 0dB

Music                     1.5V                       Input

Max Output Level

MIC/ Music               10Vrms                     1KHz 0dB


MIC                      20mV                      Input

Music                     210mV

Input Impedance (Ω)

MIC                      10K ( Unbalanced )

Music                     47K ( Unbalanced )

Output Impedance (Ω)

300 ( Balanced ), 1K ( Unbalanced )

Crosstalk of Channels



4 Levels

Parameters of Channels

MIC/ Music Input  13 Bands PEQ, H/L cut, Frequency: 20Hz-20000Hz,  Gain:±20dB

L/R Main Output    Signal Mixer, Polarity, 7 bands PEQ, LPF, HPF, Limiter, Delay, Gain

Center/SURR /SUB  Signal Mixer, Polarity, 5 bands PEQ, LPF, HPF, Limiter, Delay, Gain

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions(W×H×D)

570×260×90 (mm


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