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(Out of production) M2300 DSP Karaoke Amplifier

▼Comprehensive upgrade, more powerful functions, higher power, more beautiful sound effect;
▼ Multiple output and input interfaces: special recording、AUX stereo output function, recording output can be adjusted with a separate potentiometer ;plus two mono outputs of Center and Subwoofer which can be controlled independently; three groups of PRE, DVD, VOD stereo inputs, VOD input can be adjusted with a separate potentiometer.
▼7 bands PEQ for Music,independent 10 bands PEQ for two way MIC, 5 levels Feedback inhibition function;HPF/LPF;
▼ 3 bands PEQ are for all output channels, HPF/LPF, mixer rate, polarity, limiter and gain;
▼13 groups system memory function, including 6 groups preset,6 groups self effect, 1 group Hot-dance data; The boot data is the last saved parameters;
▼2 levels panel lock function; Lock level is adjustable;PC software can be locked as well.
▼Singing/Hot-dancing mode switches automatically.Hot-dancing parameters are saved in DanceData;
▼Music stereo,±7 levels Hi-Fi key controls.

Technical Parameter



   M2300                              M2500

Output power

300W*2  8Ω                        500W*2  8Ω


   MIC : 75dB      Music : 90dB           


   MIC : 0.3%      Music : 0.2%         


   MIC : 35mV     Music : 350V          

Input Impedance (Ω)

   MIC :10K ( Unbalanced )       Music :47K ( Unbalanced )

Frequency response



   5 Levels

Crosstalk of channels


Gross Weight

   18 KG                              22 KG

Dimensions (L*W*H)

   615*595*145  (mm)



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