KA12 Professional Speaker
  • KA12 Professional Speaker

KA12 Professional Speaker

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KA12 12-inch Professional speaker


▼Use the imported low bass unit from USA. 44-core titanium compression drive tweeter. Box made of 18mm high-density splint. Imported wood glue adhesive, corner reinforcement technology. The surface is treated with a black abrasion-resistant paint finish.

▼The box has 30 M8 threaded suspension points, the bottom 35mm standard mounting bracket jacks, high-strength protective iron mesh, the overall visual appearance.

▼High-standard designed high-temperature sealed frequency divider, French SUM audio capacitor, high-power non-inductive aluminum shell resistance, large-diameter high-purity enameled wire inductance, precise adjustment and optimization of power response and humanization of high and low bass Weaken and enhance processing, and strive to perfect sound quality.

▼Rear phase design makes the high frequency transparent, full, delicate and soft;

▼Low-frequency thick, strong sense of enclosure, overcome the shortcomings of common professional box low frequency lower limit, the microphone's vocal performance is very good.

▼Applications: Music amplification and singing in high-end nightclubs, high-level clubs, high-end self-service KTVs, multi-purpose halls and other places.



Technical parameters:

The Speaker Type

12 inches Professional Speaker

Frequency response (±3 dB)


Driver element

12” 1 Bass + 1*1.75” Treble




130 dB

Rated Impedance

Rated Power



22.4 KG

Dimensions (L*W*H)


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