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▼8-way input, 8-way output, adopt phoenix head balance connection method

▼Support wireless IPHON/ laptop wireless control adjusting. Support cascade, LAN, RS485 by PC control. Single RS485 port can support docking wallboard function control;

▼Multi-level sensitivity input function0dB,-10dB,-20dB,-30dB,-40dB are optional

▼Automatic echo cancellation function for input AEC, which can be configured with remote and local;

▼Sine wave, pink, white noise test function.

▼Input ANC automatic noise elimination; Effectively reduce the bottom noise of the system equipment;

▼Input channel phantom power supply, GainMute Polarity12 PEQ,HPF/LPF, Expander, Compressor, Automatic gain, white/pink noise, sine wave generator, Channel control group SettingsCopy CH,Channel tuningFeedback control10 automatic notch, frequency shift, automatic mixing, 10 level priority.

▼Output channel functions include Gain, Mute, Polarity, Delay (1000ms), 12 PEQ, HPF/LPF(Linkwitz -Riley1218243648,Divider Bessel1218243648Butterworth1218243648)Limiter functions

▼English name of each channel is supported to change within 10 bytes



Technical Parameter

Input impedance


Output impedance


Max output level


Input Sensitivity

0 dBu/-10 dBu/-20 dBu/-30 dBu/-40 dBu/

Output Sensitivity

0 dBu/-10 dBu/

Frequency Response

±0. 5dB 20Hz - 20kHz




≤0. 01% @ 1kHz,0dBu


≥80dB @ 1kHz

Maximum delay



9 -band PEQ for output and input. Filter gain -24dB to +24dB, step pitch is 0.1 dB. Center frequency: 20HZ-20khz, filter Q value/bandwidth: 0.4 to 144.3



Turning frequency (high pass) 20Hz-20KHz; Turning frequency (low pass) 20Hz-20 KHz. Response: Bessel/Butterworth 12/18/24dB Linkewitz - Rayley 12/24/36/48dB


Threshold value-20dBu to -100dBu.

Startup time3 to 100 ms.

Release time 4, 8, 16 or 32 times the startup time.


Threshold value+20dBu to -60dBu.

Startup time3 to 100 ms.

Release time: 4, 8, 16 or 32 times the startup time.



Gross weight


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