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S214 Intelligent Power Sequencer


This machine is a compact and powerful intelligent power sequencer. It combines the functions of a variety of conventional products in a box that is only 2U rack height.

1. 5” color LCD touch display screen to show real time voltage, date, time,channel on/off status.

2.14 switch on/off output channels, the delay on and off time of each channel can be set freely, and each channel has 8 groups of cyclic timing switches.

3. Support panel Lock function to prevent misoperation.

4. Built-in clock chip.Can be set up automatic switch on/off according to date & time.No human operation is required.

5. Support cascade connection control of multiple devices, cascade automatic detect devices.

6. Configuration with 232 interface, 485 interface, support external central control device.

7. Each device has its own ID setting and detection, which enables remote centralized control.

8. 10 groups of on/off scene data saving/loading, scene management application is simple and convenient.

9. Under voltage and over voltage detection and alarm

10. 1-7 channel band independent filter.

11. Computer, iPhone, Android phone control, network control on-site operation free and handy

12. With external 10 trigger, can be connected to central control equipment.






Rated Output Level

AC 100V-240v,50/60Hz

Controllable power supply

14 channel

Each channel action delay time


Power supply

AC100-240V 50/60Hz 40A

Status display

5”LCD color touch creen to reveal real time voltage, current,date,time,each channel status

Single channel rated output current


Rated total output current


Timing function





Package dimension



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